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Course Overview

  • The Art Of Customer Communication Skills course was designed to teach/refresh today's  employee, manager, student and owner that customer's are people just like us. Our goal

  • through training, interaCtive class discussion and practice, based on your business's individual needs, will have your staff feeling refreshed, knowing how to make your customer's experience an enjoyable one.

  • Our objective by teaching how to create a good customer experience is to help you increase your business by using these experiences to market the business you are in.

  • Increase your customer base by word of mouth, best form of advertising, which comes at no cost to you other than having staff with excellent communication skills.

  • Our course puts the Communicate back into Communication Skills. The art of talking to people has been lost with new technology and it is important to remind or teach that it still is an extremely important part the survival of any business/personal interaction.

  • We will teach the Why, Where, When, What and How to make successful communication an integral part of your business.

  • Effective communication is an essential part of good customer service and good customer service is what keeps and brings in new customers.

  • Building customer rapport and customer base is what I want for our business,The Art Of Customer Communication can help make it yours.

We will train your staff as if they are working for us, and in a sense they are so:

Let's Talk Communication!!!

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Let's Talk Communication provides training for : 


All Businesses - Effective communication at any level will increase your customer base, and in turn, your financial future.

All Call Centre Staff
- Refreshing their communication skills and outlook on their importance to the company as an efficient and effective front line staff member

Colleges - With this competitive market, proper communication skills will help your staff make your college the first choice for any potential student

All Sales and Customer Service Staff - With all the new businesses opening up, having sales/service staff who communicate comfortably with customers, will always make your business the first choice

Students - Offering your students the guidance to communicate professionally will make your school the ONLY choice for practicums and graduates

 Course Highlights

  • Soft Skills

  • Tactical Do's and Don'ts

  • Communication Techniques

  • Knowing Your Audience

  • Process of a Call