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5% of All Sales Will Be Donated to BC Children's Hospital

Parent/Student Evening Sessions

Open  to  anyone  interested  In  learning / improving  conversation  skills  in  today’s  technological market

• Learn  how  to  talk  face to  face/ eye to eye  for  Interviews  or  conversation  skills  for  jobs/personal situations.

• For  those  not  registered  in  business,  marketing  classes.

• Good  opportunity  to  learn  as  life  is  too  busy  these  days  and  parents  don’t  have  time  to  stress  this  skill

Planning Classes in Schools

Since  they  are  planning  for  life  after  school, good  opportunity  to l earn  which  section  of  the workforce  to  enter.

• Prepare  in  the  comfort  of t heir  own  school  with  their  peers.

• If  comfortable  having  conversations  with  classmates  or  with  program = could / should  focus  on  a customer  service  position

• If  not  comfortable  with  program = non  customer  focused  position

Business/Marketing Classes

• Prepare  business  students  for  today’s  marketplace  by  preparing  them  to  be  able  to  speak  to  people or over  the  phone.

• How  to  have  conversations,  de-escalate  uncomfortable  conversations  and  how  to  deal  with  today’s multi-cultural  society.