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LET’S TALK COMMUNCATION is a new business owned and operated by trainer Marc Fisher. The business first began with Marc’s observation of poor face to face or over the phone communication skills with the surge of social media, text messaging and other ways of communicating in the computer world we live in.

LET’S TALK COMMUNCATION provides courses for businesses, students and organizations to learn or provide a refresher on how to have effective conversations.

Some of the skills taught include, conflict resolution, “getting to Yes”, how to de-escalate a heated situation, and knowing your audience. We show you how to accomplish all these through the ways you converse with a customer, co-worker, and management.

By designing a course that meets your business needs, we can help you maintain or increase your customer base by customers wanting to come back to talk to your staff, or share their Positive Experience with their friends.

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5% of All Sales Will Be Donated to BC Children's Hospital

Serving the School Districts of

British Columbia